I am afraid of the sun. I guess this is a normal occurrence as I leave tempestuous youth and slouch toward 40. I spent many a summer baking my shoulders and regret every moment of it, but lathering on the sunscreen, like flossing, I think it is one of those things that people TELL you is good for you, but you finally have to come to the conclusion yourself that you need to take care of it before it is too late. Consider too that I came of age in the day of the super-tan Coppertone Girl.

The other thing I didn’t really realize about the sun, I guess because I don’t listen or just wasn’t able to put two and two together, is that YOU NEED TO PROTECT YOUR EYES, fool. When I got glasses a few years ago, I got a pair of prescription sunglasses as well, but managed to break them this year. Now, I’m waiting for our medical reimbursement plan to kick in before I get a new pair, so to get me through I picked up a pair of granny sunglasses to wear over my specs. Yeah, they are SUPER attractive. But, I can see, so who has the last laugh now, suckas?

In addition to this, I am effectively using 100% SPF these days on my face, and 85% on the rest of me. My facial moisturizer is 30 SPF, and I just got some 70 sunscreen for the face. I also use 15 spf moisturizer for the bod, and have 70 SPF sunscreen for the body as well.

I put sunscreen on Mega when he dresses and then again before we go outside. I am so, so scared of him getting sunburned. His legs are already bruised to oblivion, a trait I feel is unavoidable for toddlers, but that soft, soft skin–I want it to stay perfect forever. There are like 5 tattoo parlors in Blacksburg, and every time we pass one I think “if you ever do that to yourself I will cry forever.” Seriously, does that tribal band around your bicep or Mighty Mouse on your shoulder really express a true hidden aspect of yourself? Because with the prevalence of tattoos these days, to me they seem a lot more like fitting in than standing out.

I don’t know what they psychology about it is, but I do believe that that slightly golden-brown tone looks healthy, but the reality of it, well … I’ve just read too much at this point. Vanity will not get in the way of my health this summer, blindingly pale as my calves may be.

So Mega and I will be rocking it out in the shade in our lite-brite skin, and loving every minute of it.